SBDM Documents

SBDM Council
(School-Based Decision Making Council) 

Eastern Elementary's SBDM Council meets the first Thursday of each month in the school library.  Our SBDM Council is composed of three teacher representatives, two parent representatives, and the principal.  Each parent or teacher member is elected to serve for a one-year term. 

Our council functions through a committee process.  Parents and teachers serve on committees of interest, and the committees report to the council twice yearly.  We encourage parents to volunteer to serve on a council committee.  Parents are invaluable resources in providing feedback to help guide our school decision-making process. 
SBDM Council Members for 2018-2019:

  • Teacher representatives: Kristain Banta, Lori Cobb, Carrie Cox
  • Parent representatives: Tara Peyton, Miriam Zepeda
  • Principal: Angela Denny


SBDM Agendas & Minutes

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