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KySTE 2014 Presentation Website 

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BYOD Resources shared at the KySTE 1:1 BYOD Fall conference by KY people:

  • TICK--resources aligned to Common Core, etc. submitted by KY teachers.
  • Google Apps for Education--helpful explanation by a GCT, Donald Piercey, who teaches 4th and 5th grade social studies in Woodford County, KY
  • Tech Smackdown--end of the day "exit slip", if you will.  What did you learn?  This is the list of cool tools!
  • What teacher PD needs to be like...Engaging!
  • Cool science project
  • Make your classroom come ALIVE with Media Arts--cool tools for creativity!  
  • Do you BLOG?  If not, you are missing out.  Check out these educator blogs by discipline.
  • Google Alerts--google will send you an email when a new site with your search.  Great way to "search" for resources.  You will need a Google Account--which is free and EASY!
  • Flubaroo--AMAZING script for Google Forms that will GRADE student work for YOU!  And then it will email the grade back to the student!!  If this doesn't make you sign up for a Google Acct, then nothing will.
  • 50 edtech tools EVERY teacher should know about!!  WOW!

Tech integration--apps, social media, visual tools, etc.

  • Interesting ways to use iPads in the classroom--click HERE
  • Interesting ways to use Twitter in the classroom--click HERE

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