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Eastern Elementary
Digital Art | Graphic Design | Original Photo


Category: Digital Art

By: Rhyauna Spears

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I created a poster using Smooth Draw for a class project. My poster was about Leader in Me. In my poster it contained put first things first. It had a young girl giving her teacher her homework. In the picture it had a notepad telling you how to put first things first. Now I will explain how I made this poster. First, I chose my background color, and then I used all the other tools to make my poster. It took me a couple of days but I worked very hard. And then I added my title then it was finished.


First things
By: Madison Sampson

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I made a poster for leader in me habit 3 Put First Things First. I did my poster for a school project. We got to get on Smooth Draw and create our poster with any color and design. I had to find the perfect back ground color I tested out many other colors until I chose my final color and found a fount I wanted then typed it in and chose a color. I used the pencil tool to draw my pictures and used the dotted line tool for the line to separate first and later. Then I had to choose a fount and ad what is first and what can be put on hold under the pictures.


Category: Graphic Design

Turkey Trot
By: Bo Kasten

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I created a poster for our turkey trot at Eastern Elementary School. I did it to try and win the t-shirt design contest. Here are the steps to constructing it. First, I got onto a computer at home. I then went to a website called Logo Creator. Next, I picked out a logo design. After that, I went onto a search bar on the website and found a picture that will go with my design. Finally, I typed in the words that was needed.


Tangram Dog Buddy
By: Micah MaGruder

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I clicked on the pixi icon on the computer. I clicked on the stickers to get to the Math shapes. I got the shapes that I needed to make the picture.  I used 2 big triangles, 2 small triangles, a rhombus, a medium triangle, and one square to make my picture of a dog. I used the paint tool to make the background.  I named my picture Buddy after my dog.


Category: Original Photo

Frozen Water
By Trinity Crain

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My picture is of frozen water coming out of a drain pipe. I took this picture in the back of Eastern Elementary School.  The reason I decided to take this picture is because when I looked at it, it caught my eye. I was trying to capture the sparkle in the ice and the sun reflecting off the ice. The focal point in this picture is the spikes at the end of ice going toward the drain hole. The mood created in this picture is cold and wintery. In the picture, I got really close to the icicle by kneeling down on the ground.  The camera I used was a Nikon D40.


Icy Bird House
By Diana Sharp

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This picture is a bird house with two icicles. I took this picture outside in the front yard of my school. I wanted to take this picture to capture the little details of the snow crystals on the ice and the paint chipping off the bird house. The subject in this picture is the bird house. The focal point is the ice hanging on the bird house. The cold mood is created by the two icy icicles. I used a Nikon D40 Camera, and I zoomed in because I wanted to capture the two icicles with snow on it.