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    Fifth grade newsletter for the week of August 10, 2015


    READING: We will be doing a genre study to learn about the characteristics of different types of writing. Our reading skill will be comparing and contrasting. On Friday, we will have a spelling and vocabulary test over our words of the week.


    SOCIAL STUDIES: We will be working on identifying features on a map and at differences between maps such as political, physical, elevation, and population maps.


    MATH: We will be reviewing three by one and two by two digit multiplication. We will also start learning about place value.


    WRITING: We will talk about correct paragraph structure.


    Words of the week:

    Genre– a kind of literary or artistic work

    Inference– to draw a conclusion or make a judgment based on evidence

    Political map– a map showing boundaries of towns, cities, counties, states, countries, etc, and usually their capitals

    Physical map- a map showing land features such as mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, and other bodies of water

    Elevation map– a map showing how far above sea level certain areas are located; different heights are represented with different colors, and colors are represented in the key or legend

    Population map– a map showing populations of areas; areas are marked with specific colors, and the key or legend shows the number that goes with the color

    Factor– one of the two numbers multiplied in a multiplication equation

    Product– the answer or solution to a multiplication equation



    • Attached to this page is a reading log. Each week, I would like your child to read 20 minutes at least three times during the week. Each time they do so, they will write a paragraph in their reading log that I will check on Friday. Make sure this log stays somewhere that they can keep up with so when Friday comes along they have it!
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