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Jr. Beta Pledge

"I hereby declare that I shall always strive
To be honest and truthful at all times
To maintain a creditable scholastic record
To be of service to my teachers and fellows
To conduct myself in a manner to reflect credit
Upon my school and community."
Jr. Beta Information
  • Requirements


    To be invited to join the HCMS Jr. Beta Club in the 7th or 8th grade, a student must be at or above grade level academically and have received only As and Bs throughout the previous school year.  In addition, they must not have had any repeated disciplinary issues during the previous school year.  A membership committee consisting of the club sponsor, an administrator, and a staff member will review the status of students receiving disciplinary action from the school.

    Academic Requirements

    Students must maintain an A/B average in all classes. If a student receives a "C" in any class, the student will be placed on academic probation for the next quarter. If the grade is not brought up, membership will be dropped. If a Beta member receives a "D" in any class for the quarter, membership will be dropped automatically. 

    Conduct Requirements

    Beta members will be placed on probation if they receive one detention or have a repeated problem solving session without correcting a behavior.
    If they receive another detention or third problem solving session, they will be dropped from the club.

    Any member who is placed in ICE, the in-school detention room, for major or repeated disciplinary issues, the student will immediately be dropped from the club.  Students dropped for disciplinary reasons will be evaluated by the membership committee to determine eligibility for membership the following school year.

    Service Requirements

    Members are required to fulfill twenty (20) individual service hours each school year. These hours are to be recorded and have a verification signature. Beta member must participate in at least four different activities for the required 20 hours. Hours will be due by the beginning of May.

    The hours should not be for immediate household family members (I.E. chores or jobs around the house).

    Members are also required to participate in at least one of the service projects planned by the club officers.

    (Approved by the HCMS Site Based Council on 8/11/2016)


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    Washington DC Student Photo Contest 2016
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    5012 Monticell Moments - student photographs
    April 2012 Washington D.C. Trip
    May 2011 Colonial Williamsburg Trip
    May 2010 Washington D.C. Trip
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