School wide behavior clip chart

This year we have implemented a school wide behavior clip chart.  This behavior management system allows students to reflect on the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and encourages students to become leaders in the school through their behavior.  Each student has their name on a clip that can be moved up and down on the chart as needed. All students begin their day on green and can either move their name up or down the chart as needed.

Blue = Today I was my best and I was more than just okay.  I used my 7 habits and I found the leader in me today!

Purple= I'm stepping up, I'm stepping out, and I'm being more than just okay. If you need someone to follow, you cna look to me today!

Green= I sharpened my saw and I'm on my way. I'm ready to be a leader today!

Yellow= I'm in charge of my choices and I can turn my day around. I can get myself on proactive ground.Consequences: 5 minutes of feflection time during recess.

Orange= I'm missing a habit. Which one could it be? I need a student leader to conference with me.  Consequences: 10 minutes of reflection time during recess.

Red= I'm missing a habit. Which on could it be? I need an adult to conference with me. Consequence: Teacher choice and parent contact.


Thank you for your support as we strive towards greatness!