Family Message Journals

          October 14, 2014

Dear Families,

The purpose of the Family Message Journal (FMJ) is for students to communicate with their families (we will write 2-3 times per week—usually Tuesdays & Thursdays). Students will write a message in letter format describing something they learned at school each day. Students may decide to write to different family members on different days. Please schedule a consistent time to respond and read the message journal with your child. You could try writing in the FMJ when your child comes home from school, after dinner, or before bed time.

Some ideas you may want to write in your letter include, but not limited to: responses to what your child has written, questions that you would like to ask your child, something interesting about your day that you would like to share with your child, or you may want to mention how proud you are of your child. You should not spend excessive amounts of time responding to your child in the journal. We suggest spending 5-10 minutes on the FMJ each night, although you can always spend more if you would like.

The FMJ experience should be fun and valuable, where you can see your child’s growth over the school year. This is a great opportunity to bring families closer together. We hope FMJ keeps you informed with the daily activities of our classroom.

I thank you for your cooperation. If you have and questions, please ask me.




Katy Ashley