August 20, 2012

Second Grade News
August 20, 2012

Essential Questions for Math
·         Why can an even number be shown as the sum of two equal addends?
·         How do you know the value of a digit?
·         How do you describe a 2-digit number as tens and ones?
·         What are different ways to write a two digit number?
Target Goals:
  • I can describe the purpose of the beginning, middle, and end of a story.
  • I can identify plot in written or digital text
  • I can explain and understand characters, setting, and plot using illustrations and words in print or digit text. (character traits-problem/solution)
·         I can develop a sentence using a subject and a predicate.

Topics of the week:
Math: This week we are focusing on identifying numbers as odd or even. We are having to support our thinking by drawing pictures or writing to back up our thinking. By the end of the week we will be able to break apart a two digit number and identify the value of the tens and ones. 
Reading: We will be reading The Animal’s Wishes this week. The skill we will be focusing on identifying the plot, characters, and setting through the use of illustrations.
Writing: We will continue working on creating sentences with a subject and a predicate.
Social Studies: Our fist unit will consist of identifying our local government and understandingthat governments are created to establish order.

Activities for the week: guidance, technology, art, and library

Dear Families,
We are working very hard every day. When your child’s papers come home you will notice that they have either a check plus, check, or check minus. Below is what each of these grades mean. 
Check plus = independent mastery of skill with most if not all problems correct
Check = mastery of skill with a few problems incorrect
Check minus = needs additional support, skill not mastered
Important Dates:
August   21st - Boy Scout parent meeting @ 6:30 in cafeteria
August 22nd – Early Release
                                Thank You!
                                        Mrs. Buchanan