Parenting Resources

Helping your child become the well-adjusted, happy person you want them to be can be overwhelming.  These are the authors and articles that have changed the way I view parenting.  As I continue to find useful articles/authors, I will place links to them here.  Check back periodically!

Growing Up Digital  -Article discussing the role digital involvement has on a teen's developing identity.

Rude Vs. Mean Vs. Bullying: Defining The Differences - Bullying is a hot topic for our current generations.  This articl helps to understand the differences in intentional actions and unintentional actions.

Bullies2Buddies     - Author Izzy Kalman provides some great FREE resources to help develop a child's resiliency to peer verbal aggression.

Facebook use predicts declines in happiness, new study finds -University of Michigan and Facebook pair up to research the affects of excessive social media use on a person's sense of happiness. 

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Tattling vs.Telling Document - Helps to identify when a child should let an adult know of a difficult situation.