August 27

Second Grade News
August 27, 2012


Topics of the week:
Math: This week we will work on showing the value of different numbers using different models and representations. We will then move onto patterns and counting by 1s, 5s, and 10s.  When we are counting by these numbers we will be going all the way up into the 700s. Please review counting (in the hundreds) with your child this week to help them with this skill.
Reading: We will be reading The Three Little Pigs and the True Story of the Three Little Pigs this week. We will be focusing on how the characters respond to the major events in the story and then compare and contrast the two different versions.
Writing: We will continue working on creating sentences with a subject and a predicate.
Social Studies: Our fist unit will consist of identifying our local government and understanding that governments are created to establish order.
Activities for the week: P.E., technology, and art

Dear Families,
We are working very hard every day. When your child’s papers come home you will notice that they will have a different grade than before.   We have changed our grading system to match the new standards based report cards that we will be using this year. This will hopefully get us use to the new grading system and help minimize any grade confusion. 
3 = independent mastery of skill with most if not all problems correct
2 = working towards mastery of skill
1 = needs additional support, skill not mastered
Important Dates:
September 3rd- NO school
September ER dates: 12th and 26th
Oct. 18th – second grade PTO performance
                                Thank You!