Mission Statement and Library Rules


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Henry County Middle School Library Media Center
is to provide activities and resources that will assist students and staff in
becoming effective and discriminating users of information,
developing a pattern of lifelong learning,
and in fostering a love of reading.

Library Sign-In Sheet

O Whenever you come to the library on an individual basis, you must remember to sign in at the circulation desk. 
You should also have a library pass from the teacher who sent you to the library.

Some things to remember when checking out a book.

J You can check out two books at a time, and they check out for two weeks at a time.

J You must remember to turn books in on time, or renew them before the due date.

J Overdue fines are .05 cents a day for each book! If you have fines of $2.00 or more you won't be allowed to check out another book until you have paid your fines.

J If someone has a hold on a book, it can not be renewed.

The Internet

8 You will be using the Internet for research in different classes.

8 Make sure to turn in your signed Internet Agreement Form!

8 The computers in the library are for research, or project, use only. You will not be allowed to play games on them.

Mobile Electronic Devices

8 May be used with Librarian permission for reading, research and Destiny.

8 You will not be allowed to play games on them.



 General Library Rules
Be doing something productive.
Be doing it in a way that allows others to be productive.
Be respectful of other people and their property.

Electronic Devices

You may only use electronic devices with prior permission
from Ms. Johnson for research and reading purposes.