State and national scholarships

Scholarships Available


Kentucky State Police Trooper Island Scholarship Program $1000

   Created in 2008, the program strives to expand the mission of Trooper Island, a boys and girls camp located on Dale Hollow Lake in southeastern Kentucky.  The hope is to provide scholastic financial support for young people attending a college or technical/vocational school.  Although Preference will be given to those students who attend Trooper Island camp, it is open to all who apply.  visit:


Forcht Bank/KHSAA Sportsmanship Recognition Program

This program is open to seniors. One male and one female shall be selected at the local school level during
the  school year.
The student-athlete should possess and exercise the following traits:

  •  Playing the game/competition by the rules.
  •  Treating game officials, coaches and competitors with the due respect as fellow human beings.
  •  Always shaking hands with opponents at the end of each contest.
  • Taking victory and defeat without undue emotionalism.
  •  Controlling of tempers at all times on and off the playing field.
  •  Being positive with officials, coaches and competitors, without criticism for things that occur during the contest
  •  Cooperating with the coaches, officials and fellow players in trying to promote good sportsmanship.
  • Being positive with opponents, refraining from swearing or making insulting remarks to opponent before during or after the contest.
  •  Letting student and adult audiences know that inappropriate behavior reflects poorly on the team.
  •  Serving as a role model for future student-athletes.

See Mrs. Rice


Shelby Energy Cooperative Line Technician Scholarship - Shelby Energy is offering a $1000 scholarship, in a program designed to enhance the education and resulting career of a high school senior who will attend an approved line technician training program as a full time student.  Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the applicant must be a member in good standing with Shelby Energy Cooperative. See Mrs. Rice


Shelby Energy Cooperative - Shelby Energy is offering 2 scholarships per district  to two graduating seniors.  Parent(s) or legal guardians(s) of the applicant must be a member in good standing with Shelby Energy Cooperative - Deadline is March .  See Mrs. Rice

The  Janice M Scott Memorial Scholarship

The Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in October 2001 by the husband (Abraham) and family members of the late Janice Marie Scott (nee: Holmes) to honor her legacy as a tremendous advocate for youth and a dedicated supporter of community service within the Greater Metropolitan Area of Washington, DC.  Mrs. Scott was one of the 125 individuals who perished in Pentagon on September 11, 2001 when terrorists crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the building of the Pentagon.  As Chairman of the Board of Directors, I am please to announce that High School Academic Year 2012/2013 will be the 5th year that scholarships of Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund have been offered at the national level.    

It is my intention to recommend that the board members approve between three to five scholarships for this school academic year. The amount of each scholarship will be $2,500.  These scholarships will be issued on a one-time basis.  A check for the amount of the scholarship will be sent directly to the college or university of the recipient for posting to his/her student account.   

If a high school senior wishes to apply, he or she must complete the application at enclosure 1 and must submit it along with the other required documents as specified in enclosure 2. Applications and required documents must be received or postmarked on or before the deadline date of March .   Application packets should be mailed to the following address: Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund, ATTN: Abraham Scott, Post Office Box 1023, Springfield, Virginia   22151.  

Please note that the evaluation process of the scholarship packets is based primarily on a “need” basis.  This process also involves three other categories.  They are (1) academics, (2) community service, and (3) writing skill.  A total of one-hundred points will be proportionally allocated to these four categories. An applicant therefore can receive a maximum of 40 points for need, 25 points for academics, 25 points for community service, and 10 points for writing skill.




Commonwealth Credit Union is happy to offer TWO scholarships this year to our members who are graduating high school seniors.  These scholarship programs are designed to recognize academic achievement among our young members and to promote higher education.

General Scholarship:• Nathan Leach “Reach for the Stars” Scholarship

Scholarships specifically for members that have overcome a physical or learning disability:• Adam Bender “Reach for Excellence” Scholarship

Interested applicants must be high school seniors, members of Commonwealth Credit Union* and accepted as an incoming freshman at an accredited college, trade school or university.  The maximum scholarship per student is $4,000 over a four-year period for undergraduate study.  This is $1,000 annually or $500 per semester, renewable, providing the student maintains a 2.8 GPA.  All scholarship entries must be received at Commonwealth Credit Union no later than March. - at bottom of page is a scholarship link


KY Farm Bureau Education  Foundation Scholarship – deadline in February 2015

To be eligible, applicant must:

·         Have either a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) or a minimum 23 ACT score

·         Be the child of a KY Farm bureau member and remain such while the scholarship is in force

·         Finish high school within the year they apply for the scholarship

·         For the Leadership in Agriculture Scholarship, applicant’s parents must be actively engaged in production agriculture

See Mrs. Rice for application


 The Mohammad Ali Center is excited to announce the Generation Ali global Citizenship Scholarship Program.  Inspired by Muhammad Ali’s six core principles:  confidence, Conviction, Dedication, giving, Respect, and Spirituality, Generation  Ali encourages a new generation of leaders to achieve greatness.  There will be (15) scholarships of $10,000 awarded to deserving students around the world.  One scholarship is designated for a student in the Louisville area (including Kentuckiana) and another for a student from outstate Kentucky.


The STLP Awards recognizes and honors STLP seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in technology. KySTE is currently funding 4 scholarships for $1000 each.  Annually, KySTE tries to find support from companies to add to the scholarship money.  A total of four scholarships will always be guaranteed.

KSBA – KY School Board Association – 2012 KSBA first Degree College Scholarship Program

                 Eligible students are those who would be the first members of their immediate families (parents, guardians, siblings) to complete degree requirements from higher educations. HCHS and the HC Board will nominate 2 students, one male, one female with a minimum ACT score of 20.



KSBO – Kentucky Association of School business Officials Scholarship

                KASBO awards $2500 to three KY high school graduating seniors who will major in business or education.   

Ky Transportation Cabinet Scholarship Program – March 1, 2015                The KY Transportation Cabinet will award Scholarship to qualified KY residents who wish to study Civil Engineering at UK, U of L, WKU and KSU.  Minimum ACT of 24. 

                The KY Transportation Cabinet will award Scholarships to qualified KY residents who wish to study Civil Engineering Technology at the KY Community and Technical College System.  .


UK – Academic, diversity, GSP, GSA, other

                UK First Scholars - The First Scholars Program is available to 20 first-time freshmen that are first-generation college students (parents have earned no more than two years of education beyond high school and no post-secondary degree) who enroll at the University of Kentucky.


U of L – Competitive Scholarships -


EKU – Competitive Scholarships



WKU –Competitive Scholarships



Bellarmine University – Competitive Scholarship

       - . 


Murray State University  - Competitive Scholarship



Union College