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Miss Webb
4TH Grade Classroom Teacher
(502) 845-8630

Mrs. Stovall’s

Weekly Newsletter: April 21 – 25


*Skill: Informational/nonfiction text structure (chronology/sequence, compare/contrast, cause/effect, and problem/solution)


*Decimals (place value, comparing)

*Quizzing multiplication and division facts


*Earth, Moon, and Sun relationships (seasons, moon phases, shadows, etc.)


*Grammar: adverbs

Spelling- This week’s spelling words are on the back of this page.

Leader in Me: Habit #5: “Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood- This habit encourages communication. Instead of focusing on what we want to say in a conversation, it is important to listen to others. When we listen to what others say, we can understand their point of view, solve problems, and develop stronger relationships.


Important Information:

PE week

Friday, April 25th: Spelling & Reading Assessment


Group A: Inflected Endings/Syllable Junctures

hopped, planned, grabbed, nodded, dropped, stepped, hoped, saved, closed,named, joined, waited, shouted, started, mixed, hunted

Group B: Complex Consonants

screen, strong, spring, strange, scream, spruce, scrape, spread, scratch, straight, stream, scratch, squirrel, strength, stretch

Group C: Long Vowels

drove, lost, road, chose, boat, love, goat, soap, knock, foam, slope, whole, toast, soft, toad, coat

Group D: Other Vowels

froze, coal, show, stock, globe, coach, Rome, roast, throw, know, wrote, roam, loaf, grow, lose, loose

Group E: Unaccented Final Syllables

model, pencil, journal, cattle, couple, signal, special, vowel, angle, angel, towel, local, fossil, cancel, cradle

Group F: Prefixes and Harder Suffixes

prewar, postwar, forethought, afterthought, afterward, foreword, preseason, forearm, afternoon, postseason, forewarn, aftertaste, preexisting, preview, preoccupied