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HCHS Gets New Milk Dispenser


Henry County High School students will soon experience a new feature when they move through the cafeteria line at school.

Thanks to a grant from the Dairy Alliance, HCHS will become only the second school district in Kentucky to use bulk milk dispensers instead of individual milk cartons. HCPS was awarded a full grant for the equipment, which is valued at about $12,000.

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 4, HCHS students will be able to choose white or chocolate milk, filling 8-ounce cups with the milk of their choice. Placing the machines at HCHS made the most sense to Anna Lusk, HCPS Director of School Nutrition.

“Some elementary students are still eating in their classrooms, and I didn’t think younger students could navigate the walk from the cafeteria back to their rooms with cups of milk on their trays,” Lusk said. “The high school affords us more space for the dispensers and I thought the older students could handle carrying their milk.”

Lusk said there had been complaints daily about bad tasting or smelly milk. Many times, the milk cartons are not sealed well, which leads to curdled, stinky milk.

“The milk for the dispensers comes in 5-gallon bags, which eliminate that problem,” Lusk said. “Also, the dispenser will ensure that the milk is kept at a very cold temperature. So, we’re happy to offer a better product for our students.”

Lusk hopes that offering this improved product in the cafeteria line for breakfast and lunch will increase student participation, and also put a nutritious option on more students’ trays.

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