CEO Referral Process

CEO Referral Process



  1. Referrals can be initiated by the student, parent, and/or teacher/staff member


  1. Reasons for referral: Attendance, family history of devaluing education, social/emotional, psychological, academic /credit issues......


  1. THIS IS NOT A DISCIPLINE REFERRAL PROCESS OR A RESULT OF A DISCIPLINARY ACTION, but discipline issues often times can play a major role as to why students seek an alternative placement with us.


  1. An initial meeting with the student will need to take place to explain our program and the expectations of our program


  1. Parent/ guardian permission will be sought for the student to shadow the program


  1. Student can then shadow the program for a given agreed upon time at the time of the referral
    1. some students /situation warrant a longer shadowing period
    2. needs to include at least 1 circle up participation
    3. Email to faculty of student shadowing (who needs to get? Woods, Rice, Zaring, Robbins, Rose, Bryant……)
  2. Interview
    1. After shadowing, the Director will then meet with the parents and student to discuss potential for student enrollment
    2. Discuss details of referral, shadowing, CEO, and Expectations with all


  1. Student enrolls or meets back with Counseling staff, Mr. Rose or Mrs. Bryant to discuss other alternatives





CEO Referral: (additional sheets may be attached)


Student Name: ____________________________________________________ Grade: ___________________


Reason for referral: __________________________________________________________________________


On both prompts, you should add to the narrative all pertinent information.

Prior intervention (attach documentation if you have it): ______________________________________________



Working with a school counselor or private therapist is HIGHLY suggested as a minimum intervention before a student is referred to an alternative program…..

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