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Who would be a good Candidate?

Last Updated: 1/7/2019 6:46 PM

Who would be a good candidate for CEO? 

(there needs to be a strong combination of the following, not just one area, This is not a discipline referral!)


  • socially awkward (unable to develop friendships and are at a higher risk for bullying/being bullied)
  • lack motivation to improve their lives (apathetic) 
  •  is because they don't learn well in a traditional school. ... Alternative schools specialize in using varied and creative ways to teach the material, and their teaching methods are often much more tailored to each student's learning preferences.
  • lack motivation to be a productive community member (unwilling to work with others, won't complete assignments, unwilling to follow expectations)
  • students who seem to always be in crisis , emotion management issues
  • truancy/unwilling to consistently attend school
  • those at a higher risk for dropping out because they don't like/see the need for school, and/or have opportunities outside of school (jobs, farms)
  • students who do not qualify for special ed. but would benefit from direct instruction of social/life skills
  • students who are constantly being separated out of the group for various reasons (kicked out of class , oftentimes for the reasons above)
  • Family issues