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Required Health Documentation

Required Health Documentation

Kindergarten and 6th grade Middle School students are required to have health documentation for school entry. If you have a child entering one of these grades for the upcoming school year, following is the list of documents that you will need.


For students entering Kindergarten you will need the following:

  1. A valid, current Ky Immunization certificate (check the expiration date, students entering Kindergarten must have received immunizations after their 4th birthday)
  2. A school entry physical (completed on or after August 10, 2015)
  3. A vision exam by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist (completed on or after August 10, 2015)
  4. A dental exam / screening (completed on or after your child's 5th birthday)
  5. A copy of your child's state issued birth certificate (the hospital record does not meet this requirement)***A vision exam and dental screening will be offered at each elementary school.  Parents must sign up for their child to receive this free screening.  Watch for paperwork with school registration***


For students entering 6th grade you will need the following:

  1. A valid, current Ky immunization certificate that includes required 11 year old vaccines (TDap booster, Meningococcal vaccine and a total of 2 Varicella vaccines)
  2. A 6th grade physical
  3. A separate sports physical if your child will be involved in any school sponsored sport

**A sport's physical does not meet the requirement for a 6th grade physical.  Please ask your provider to complete BOTH forms at your child's visit if they will be trying out for any school sponsored sport**

**Medical providers will have the appropriate state forms for the required paperwork as noted above. You will need to let them know what grade your child is entering so that they use the correct form**


Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions about these requirements.

Melissa Jeffries


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