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“The accident on 146 coincided at the same time as our fourth quarter and community service class began,” McMahan said. “The students all agreed that they wanted to do something to encourage and help both families.” 

McMahan said her community service class did a great job involving all students from the beginning by creating a survey that all students took to determine rewards for third, second and first place. They also created commercials using iMovie to gain school wide excitement and rivalry.

“We were all amazed at the amount of participation from all classes and grade levels,” McMahan said. "And the class put a lot of hard work and effort into this project to help two families in our community going through difficult times.” 

Kaleb Bullock, another student in the community service class, said the project made him proud of his school. He chose to be in the community service class over other choices for electives.

“I like being in the community service class because it makes me feel better when I can help people instead of being in another class like a sports class,” Bullock said. “We still have three weeks of school left and we’d love to do another community service project before the end of the year, but we need some ideas.”

Bullock encouraged anyone with suggestions for his class for one more community service project to email his teacher at, or call her at (502) 845-8660.

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