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Vaping and Teens


Badham walked those in attendance through how e-cigs work, what ingredients are contained in e-liquid or pods, how much nicotine each pod contains, that it’s not really water vapor being inhaled but instead an aerosol depositing harmful particles in the lungs, trends in teen usage with vaping, and much more.

Did you know one JUUL pod contains as much nicotine as an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes? Did you know e-liquids and pods are available in such kid-friendly flavors as Fruit Loops and cotton candy? Did you know that in 2018, 3.6 MILLION middle and high school students reported using e-cigarettes within the past month (and those numbers may be conservative)? The data is indeed alarming for parents and those working directly with youth.

NCDHD has resources for parents and teachers, and Badham also recommended the Centers for Disease Control, the American Lung Association and the National Institute for Health as reputable sources of information and resources about e-cigarettes. Badham encourages all parents to have a discussion with their middle and high school students about vaping.

“The advertisements, followed by the flavors, then the nicotine – that’s how they hook you,” Badham, a former smoker, said. “Data shows us that youth who would never pick up a tobacco cigarette are using e-cigarettes.

“Talk to your kids. Help them understand the dangers of vaping, and reinforce with them that even though we don’t yet have conclusive data on the harmful effects of vaping, users are experiencing irreparable lung damage and even death,” Badham added. “It’s too big a risk to take.”

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