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Message from Superintendent Terry Price, April 14

Our school board is required to make a decision by June 1, 2021 [per set timeline] on whether to approve all or none of the requests for SB 128. Henry County Schools will make a decision by the May 2021 board meeting upon recommendation by the superintendent. School districts are not allowed to decide on an individual basis. If our board members decide to accept requests for a supplemental year, we will accept all requests and if we decide not to accept requests for a supplemental year, we will accept no requests.

Below are a few benefits and concerns surrounding the SB 128 decision for your child. Please call the district’s central office for questions at 502-845-8600.


  • Students may make-up/retake classes from the prior year or take supplemental classes.  For example, if a high school student was enrolled in US History, they would retake US History or they could take another US History related course if offered.
  • Students who fail a high school course can retake that same course for credit.
  • Students who experienced learning loss because of the pandemic will have a full year of in-person instruction.
  • Athletics:  If KHSAA regulations and guidelines are followed, students may play their respective sport.  Students must also be enrolled and take courses in order to play athletics.


  • Students will be returning to school with a new class of students as the vast majority of students, and their peer group, in their grade will be promoted.
  • Students cannot explore new elective class offerings in the “supplemental” bonus year.
  • Students may not be academically challenged by repeating the same class/courses.
  • Students who repeat a current grade and wish to take college courses would have to pay the full tuition price.
  • It is still unsure on exactly how a repeat year will factor into a student’s GPA.  Courses already taken are not replaced but factored into the student’s GPA.
  • Athletics: Students who opt for the additional year may not be playing the same position as they did the year prior in order to provide for options for other students in the same sport.  
  • This option, should overcrowding occur, would require additional staff to be hired which affects the district’s overall operating budget which was not planned for.

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