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HCHS Band Students Excel at Solo and Ensemble Event

8 students qualify for the State Solo and Ensemble Festival, which means these students performed "college level repertoire at an exceptional, artistic level"

State Solos

Abby Wiseheart-Flute

Jacob Holcomb-Classical Guitar*

Colton Bramblette-Snare Drum* & Timpani

Devon Haberman-Snare Drum* & Timpani

Nick James-Trombone*

Caley Richeson-Trombone*

Luke Yantz-Trumpet*

Kassidy Tingle-Trumpet*


Additionally, these students earned distinguish ratings in their solo performances

Distinguished solos

Eric Cole-Tuba* "qualified, but no piano"

Brian Skeen-Bassoon* "qualified, but no piano"

Alexis Sutherland-Flute

Cole Wilson-Clarinet

Haley Hyde-Baritone Saxophone


We also had two ensembles qualify for state Solo and Ensemble Festival, which means these 15 students performed college level repertoire at an exceptional, artistic level.

State Ensembles

Brass Choir*

Luke Yantz-Trumpet

Sean Wood-Trumpet

Dixieanna Head-Trumpet

Kassidy Tingle-Trumpet

Donovan Vincent-French Horn

Dale Davis-French Horn

Nick James-Trombone

Caley Richeson-Trombone

Savanah Smith-Euphonium

Eric Cole-Tuba

Zach Huckelberry-Tuba


Woodwind Quintet*

Abby Wiseheart-Flute

Ethan Wood-Oboe

Jacob Redmon-Clarinet

Brian Skeen-Bassoon

Dale Davis-French Horn


Additionally, these ensembles earned Distinguished ratings


Distinguished Ensembles


Clarinet Choir

Gracie Mahoney-Clarinet

Cole Wilson-Clarinet

Ursula Pate-Clarinet

Peyton Dorman-Clarinet

Jessica Rowles-Bass Clarinet


Snare Duet

Colton Bramblette

Devon Haberman


Saxophone Quartet

Jacob Rayburn-Alto

Bree Heightchew-Alto

Whitney Carter-Tenor

Haley Hyde-Bari


We are also proud of these students who earned Proficient ratings at Solo and Ensemble festival. These students performed college level repertoire at an "outstanding level but with some minor, yet noticeable inconsistencies."

Proficient Solos (Excellent performance)

Ariel Morley-Flute

Saundra Lockwood-Flute

Cole Wilson-Clarinet

Jacob Redmon-Clarinet

Gracie Mahoney-Clarinet

Brock McGehee-Classical Guitar

Duston Case-Love-Classical Guitar

Devon Haberman-Marimba (4 mallets)

Colton Bramblette-Marimba (4 mallets)

Donovan Vincent-French Horn


Proficient Ensembles

Guitar Trio

Dustin Case-Love

Nick Hawkins

Jacob Clements


Guitar Trio

Brock McGehee

Jacob Holcomb

Jade Appleby


Percussion Ensemble

Colton Bramblette-Bells

Devon Haberman-Marimba

Airon Hardy-Snare/Bass Drum

Mallarie LaFolette-Auxillary Percussion

Dougie Quire-Auxillary Percussion



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