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Back-To-School Information

Welcome to Henry County Public Schools! If you are new to the community or have recently changed schools, you might find the following information helpful as you plan for the coming school year. If you have a question not answered by these resources, please check your child's specific school webpage (upper right-hand corner) or call your child's school or the Board of Education at 502-845-8600.


Q – When will my student be assigned a teacher or receive a schedule?

A – After you complete your student’s Online Registration. To complete the Online Registration, please log into your Parent Portal on Infinite Campus ( More information is available on our webpage (, on our Facebook pages, and in an email that was sent to you through Infinite Campus. If you need assistance, please call your student’s school. When your student is registered, he/she will be officially assigned a teacher no later than open house.

Q - I don’t have my required documentation, can I still submit my OLR application?

A – Unfortunately, no. All documentation must be uploaded before submitting the application. If the proper documentation isn’t submitted the application won’t be processed.

Q - What if I have appointments scheduled for after school starts, can I still submit my OLR application?

A - YES. Please upload a picture of the appointment reminder card so it can be documented on your student’s record. What if I don’t have an appointment card? Write the name of the doctor, the phone number, and the appointment date and time on a piece of paper and upload that so it can be documented on your student’s record.

Q – When are the Open Houses for school? (Please note, this information is relevant to the 2022-23 school year)

A – Each school has published their open house information on their respective Facebook pages, and that information has been shared to the district Facebook page as well, but here is a listing of all of our schools' open house events: Districtwide Open Houses 2023-24.

Q – How much are school fees and when can I pay them?

A – At the elementary level, school fees are $16 and Chromebook fees are $16. Middle school instructional fees are $27, and their Chromebook fees are $37. For high school students, instructional fees are $63 and Chromebook fees are $37. To learn if your family qualifies for free or reduced school fees, please complete the Meals Benefit Application. That form is also available on Infinite Campus through your Parent Portal. Fees can be paid at open house, and there is also an online payment option available.

Q – What supplies do I need to buy for my student?

A – HeadStart and Early Childhood Center students only need a full-size backpack and a change of clothes. Elementary and middle school supply lists can be found on our district Facebook page, your school’s Facebook page and on our website at under “Parent Resources.” For high school students, supplies are class-specific; students should come to school with basic school supplies and they will be given lists of any additional supplies needed.

Q – What time does my student’s school start and end?

A – At the Henry County Early Childhood Center, car rider drop-off is from 7:45am to 8:25am, and car rider pickup is from 2:45pm to 3pm. At Campbellsburg and New Castle Elementary Schools, the doors open at 7:45 am, classes begin at 8:25am and end at 3:20pm, and car rider pickup begins at 3:20pm. At Eastern Elementary School, the doors open at 7am, classes begin at 7:30am and end at 2:20pm with dismissal for buses and car riders beginning at 2:10pm. At Henry County Middle School, the doors open at 8am, classes begin at 8:25am and conclude at 3:20pm. At Henry County High School, the doors open at 8am, classes begin at 8:30am and end at 3:20pm.

Q – How will I know when the bus will pick up and drop off my student? (Please note, this information is relevant to the 2022-23 school year)

A – Bus Drivers will attempt to make contact with parents between August 3 and August 7, to give them approximate times.  If you have not heard from your driver by August 8, please call the Transportation Department at 502-845-8624, between 8am-4pm. Students should be waiting for the bus five minutes before the approximate pick-up time.  During the first couple weeks of school, the pick-up and drop-off times may vary slightly, but school dismissal procedures will become more routine and fixed as we proceed. Additional transportation information, including a list of bus rules and expectations, is available on this website under Departments, Transportation. Online registration must be completed no later than July 28, 2023 in order for students to be provided transportation on the first day of school. 

Q – How can I get in touch with my student’s school and/or principal?

A – Contact information for all schools is available on our webpage ( Henry County Early Childhood Center, Principal Stephanie Melton, 502-845-8600; Campbellsburg Elementary School, Principal Amy Treece, 502-845-8630; Eastern Elementary School, Principal Angie Denny, 502-845-8640; New Castle Elementary School, Principal Rick Lumpkins, 502-845-8650; Henry County Middle School, Principal Emily Edwards, 502-845-8660; Henry County High School, Principal Shannon Sageser, 502-845-8670. To reach the Board of Education, please call 502-845-8600.

Q - What are Henry County's attendance policies?

A - All of our schools adhere to the same basic policies, which can be reviewed here: HCPS Attendance Policies. If you need additional assistance or information with attendance questions, please call your child's school or the district Director of Student Services Zach Woods at 502-845-8600.

Q – Does Henry County have a virtual option?

A – Henry County Middle and High School students can apply to be virtual students. Parents still have to complete the district’s online registration but can then contact their school and receive a link to the virtual application to be completed after the student has registered. Students are expected to complete daily work online including various check-ins and achieved milestones. Unsuccessful online students are monitored and moved back to in-person learning. This is currently a program designed for independent learners. Unless the student is self-motivated and/or has been successful in previous virtual settings, he or she need not apply.