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Board of Education

Lori Abney, Danney Chisholm,
Miranda Arnold, Steve Dent and Tony Whaley

The Henry County Board of Education Commits to:

Make decisions based on what is best for all students; Work toward high student achievement; Learn from our experience and continually improve; Respect each others ideas and knowledge; Be consistent; Vote principle, not personal; Understand and function within our roles; Support the Board's decisions; Try to reach consensus; Trust and openly support each other; Keep one another informed, avoid surprises; and, Respectfully remind one another of these commitments.

Resolution of School Board Commitment to Student Achievement

The Henry County Board of Education believes that improving student achievement is the most significant task of the school district. We affirm our intent and commitment tot he improvement of student learning by:
  • Openly evaluating data on student achievement indicators
  • Discussing processes that affect the instructional program
  • Examining the impact of the district's course of study on learning
  • Reviewing/revising district goals to focus on student progress
  • Striving to find methods to remove barriers to learning
Furthermore, this board commits to informing district staff, students, parents, and the community about student achievement in our schools and how our local data compares to common measurements in Kentucky, nationally and in relation to other comparable school districts.

Therefore, the Henry County Board of Education resolves that:

Every student in our district is expected to participate in school and to learn. Every employee of our public schools shall devote his or her work toward ensuring and enhancing students' learning success. The superintendent will recommend and implement initiatives and expenditures that clearly support and advance student learning success. The board will devote meeting time to topics that directly support and enhance student learning success and the interests of our community.