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FAQ's about HCPS

Welcome to Henry County Public Schools! If you are new to the community or have recently changed schools, you might find the following information helpful as you plan for the coming school year. Please check back as we will add information as it becomes available. If you have a question not answered by these resources, please call your child's school or the Board of Education at 502-845-8600.


Q – When will my student be assigned a teacher or receive a schedule?

A – After you complete your student’s Online Registration. To complete the Online Registration, please log into your Parent Portal on Infinite Campus ( More information is available on our webpage (, on our Facebook pages, and in an email that was sent to you through Infinite Campus. If you need assistance, please call your student’s school. When your student is registered, he/she will be officially assigned a teacher no later than open house.

Q - I don’t have my required documentation, can I still submit my OLR application?

A – Unfortunately, no. All documentation must be uploaded before submitting the application. If the proper documentation isn’t submitted the application won’t be processed.

Q - What if I have appointments scheduled for after school starts, can I still submit my OLR application?

A - YES. Please upload a picture of the appointment reminder card so it can be documented on your student’s record. What if I don’t have an appointment card? Write the name of the doctor, the phone number, and the appointment date and time on a piece of paper and upload that so it can be documented on your student’s record.

Q – When are the Open Houses for school? (Please note, this information was relevant to the 2022-23 school year)

A – Each school has published their open house information on their respective Facebook pages, and that information has been shared to the district Facebook page as well. All the elementary schools will hold open house on Aug. 11; the middle school will have 6th grade JumpStart on Aug. 2, and 7th and 8th grade open house on Aug. 9; high school schedule pick-ups are on Aug. 8 (freshmen) and Aug. 9 and 10 (all other grades).

Q – How much are school fees and when can I pay them?

A – At the elementary level, school fees are $15 and Chromebook fees are $15. Middle school instructional fees are $25, and their Chromebook fees are $35. For high school students, instructional fees are $60 and Chromebook fees are $35. To learn if your family qualifies for free or reduced school fees, please complete the Meals Benefit Application. That form is also available on Infinite Campus through your Parent Portal. Fees can be paid at open house, and there will be an online payment option available this year.

Q – What time does my student’s school start and end?

A – At Campbellsburg and New Castle Elementary Schools, the doors open at 7:45 am, classes begin at 8:25am and end at 3:15pm, and car rider pickup begins at 3:20pm. At Eastern Elementary School, the doors open at 7am, classes begin at 7:30am and end at 2:20pm with dismissal for buses and car riders beginning at 2:10pm. At Henry County Middle School, the doors open at 8am, classes begin at 8:25am and conclude at 3:20. At Henry County High School, the doors open at 8am, classes begin at 8:30am and end at 3:20pm.

Q – How will I know when the bus will pick up and drop off my student?

A – Bus Drivers will attempt to make contact with parents on Aug. 11 and 12, to give them approximate times.  If you have not heard from your driver by Aug. 15, please call the Transportation Department at 502-845-8624, between 8am-4pm. Students should be waiting for the bus five minutes before the approximate pick-up time.  During the first couple weeks of school, the pick-up and drop-off times may vary slightly, but school dismissal procedures will become more routine and fixed as we proceed. Additional transportation information, including a list of bus rules and expectations, is available on our website Online registration must be completed no later than Aug. 5 in order for students to be provided transportation on the first day of school.

Q – What supplies do I need to buy for my student?

A – HeadStart and Early Childhood Center students only need a full-size backpack and a change of clothes. Elementary and middle school supply lists can be found on our district Facebook page, your school’s Facebook page and on our website at under “Parent Resources.” For high school students, supplies are class-specific; students should come to school with basic school supplies and they will be given lists of any additional supplies needed.

Q – How can I get in touch with my student’s school and/or principal?

A – Contact information for all schools is available on our webpage ( Henry County Early Childhood Center, Principal Stephanie Melton, 502-845-8600; Campbellsburg Elementary School, Principal Amy Treece, 502-845-8630; Eastern Elementary School, Principal Angie Denny, 502-845-8640; New Castle Elementary School, Principal Phillip Guthrie, 502-845-8650; Henry County Middle School, Principal Enoch Welch, 502-845-8660; Henry County High School, Principal Shannon Sageser, 502-845-8670. To reach the Board of Education, please call 502-845-8600.


Open House Events - All Schools

HCPS Attendance Policies

HCPS COVID Policy 2022-23



Q - How will I know when my student(s) will be picked up and dropped off?

A - Bus drivers will attempt to make contact with parents on Aug. 11 and 12, to give them approximate times.  If you have not heard from your driver by Aug. 15, please call the Transportation Department at 502-845-8624 between 8am-4pm.

Q - When should my student be at the bus stop?

A - Students should be waiting for the bus five minutes before the approximate pick-up time.  During the first couple weeks of school, the pick-up and drop-off times might vary slightly as times and school dismissal procedures will become more routine and fixed as we proceed.

Q - Who has to be at the bus stop to receive my student?

A - State laws require that three- and four-year-old students must do a hand-to-hand transfer with an approved adult. For kindergarten students, the driver must be able to clearly see an adult at the stop.  If someone else is at the stop to receive a student, please make sure that they are on the approved list and that he/she has a photo ID to show the driver.

Q - Can my student bring a larger item (i.e. band instrument) on the bus?

A - Students cannot bring any item on the school bus that might block the center aisle, step well, emergency door, entrance door, or any windows that would be dangerous in case of collision or that would present an additional fire hazard, or that would take up needed pupil seating space. All approved items must be held in the student’s lap or put on the floor underneath the seat in front of them.  A driver shall not knowingly permit any of the following to be transported on the bus: 1. Firearms or weapons, either operative or ceremonial: 2. Fireworks or any other explosive materials of any type: 3. Animals, fowls, or reptiles: (with the exception of service animals as per Board Policy) 4. Preserved specimens that would likely frighten any pupil or cause a commotion on the bus 5. Glass objects or helium balloons. 

Q - I want to go over bus rules and other procedures with my student, where can I find that information?

A - A great place to start is the student code of conduct, but additional transportation information, including a list of bus rules and expectation, is available on our website


Elementary School Information

Elementary School Supply Lists


Henry County Middle School Information

Henry County Middle School FAQs

Q: What time does school start?

A:  HCMS doors open at 8:00 AM each morning. There is no supervision before 8:00 AM, so students who are car riders need to stay in their cars until staff is outside welcoming students into the building.

Q: What time does school dismiss each day?

A:  HCMS dismisses at 3:20 PM each day. Car riders can be picked up in the front loop of the building beginning at 3:20 PM. Unless students have supervision through athletics or extracurricular activities, there is no supervision after school and students may not stay past dismissal time.

Q: How can I keep up with my child’s grades and assignments?

A: Parents and guardians have access to Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  This is the same platform that you used to register your child, and there is also an app you can download on your phone.  Infinite Campus will allow parents to monitor grades and missing assignments. Midterms and report cards are also available through Infinite Campus; HCMS does not send home printed copies of grades at midterm or the end of the nine weeks.  An important note about Google Classroom:  Parents/guardians can check Google Classroom to review if their student's work has been assigned, completed, or is in progress, but your student's official grade for the assignments and for the course should be reviewed in IC Parent Portal. If you have questions about specific grades or assignments, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s) through email ( or by calling the school at 845-8660.

Q: Who do I contact if my Infinite Campus Parent Portal account is not working?

A: Please contact the HCMS guidance counselor or Julie Mann at or at 845-8660.

Q: What should I do if my child is absent?

A: Please phone the school as soon as you determine your child will miss all or part of the school day.  You may call prior to 8:00 am and leave a message in the school’s general voice mailbox or call to speak to someone after 8:00 am.  Within two days of returning from an all-day or partial day absence, students are expected to bring and turn in an excuse note.  Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence.  These excuses are kept on file so they must be in the form of a written note or email to In the case of minor illness not requiring a doctor note or other reasons, you may write a parent note for a maximum of five (5) days per year.  Please use these days carefully since they must last all year. Students should check with their teachers upon returning to school for absent work.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure any work from their absence is completed and turned into the teacher.

Q: What is the process for checking out my student for illness, appointments, etc?

A:   You will need to come to the front door, ring the doorbell, and show your picture ID in order to check out your child. Due to safety protocols, we do not allow any person to check out a student without ID or without being listed in Infinite Campus as a guardian or with permission to pick up a student.  We also do not allow any visitors to come into our school without checking a picture ID. 

Q: Who do I need to speak to about a medical concern I have for my child?

A: Please contact our Health Services at 845-8621 or email Melissa Jeffries at

Q: If my child didn’t come to Jumpstart, how can they get their Chromebook?

A: Any student who did not come to Jumpstart or who is newly enrolled will receive their Chromebook on the first day of school.

Q: My child is having Chromebook issues, what should I do?

A: Once school begins, HCMS has technology aides who can help or will work with the technology department to solve any issues. Parents and guardians can also call the technology department at 845-8606. Students who need repairs will be given a loaner Chromebook if necessary. Please remember that only the first damage incident is covered by the $35 Chromebook fee. Any damage after the first repair is at the cost of families. Please encourage your child to be careful with their Chromebook! Also, the HCPS technology department does not repair any personal devices owned by students.

Q: How can I be aware of important dates and events?

A: HCMS posts important dates and reminders to our Facebook page along with pictures of the great things going on in our classrooms. Follow us on Facebook at Henry Middle! We also send out reminder emails and texts through Infinite Campus regularly.  

Q: What classes can my child take in middle school?

A: All HCMS students take four core content classes each year: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Additionally, students have two elective classes each day. Some elective classes such as band, chorus, content enhancement, and RTI are year long electives. Other elective classes are on nine week rotations. These rotation electives include classes like art, PE, agriculture, media, and more. Some electives are required and assigned to students based on their academic needs.

Q: Who can I contact for support with family or counseling resources?

A: For family resource support, please contact the Youth Services Center Coordinator, Debbie Hartford at 845-8650 or  For counseling resources, you can fill out a counseling referral located under “Quick Links” on the HCMS webpage, You can also contact our school counselor, Amber Connelly at

Q: What is the dress code at HCMS?

A:  Dress code as well as other school policies can be found under “Quick Links” on the HCMS webpage,  

Q: Are students allowed to have backpacks in the hallways and classrooms?

A:  Yes, students are allowed to have backpacks in hallways and classrooms.  There will be no lockers assigned to students.

6th Grade Jumpstart

1. Please make sure your online registration is completed before Jumpstart. You will NOT be able receive a schedule until registration is completed. If you need help, call HCMS at 845-8660.

2. Please make sure you fill out the elective interest survey to help with scheduling. Some elective class sizes are limited, so please help us know what your preferences are! Elective Interest Survey:

7th and 8th Grade Open House

HCMS Supply Lists

Henry County High School Information

Henry County High School - Schedule Pickup