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Assistant Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent

Chelsey Tingle, Assistant Superintendent
Alicia Mantilla, Elementary Spanish Teacher / ELL Instructor
Sharla Whitt, Administrative Assistant
Melissa Perkinson, Administrative Assistant
502-845-8601 fax

Assessment; Personnel: Evaluation, Job Descriptions, Recruitment; Curriculum & Instruction; School & District Report Cards; Title V; Textbooks; Professional Development; District Improvement Plan; Student Teachers; Gifted and Talented


Due to the inadequate amount allocated for textbooks in the current state budget, the textbook cycle will be delayed until sufficient funds are in place to continue the process.

Professional Development:
Professional development (PD) is defined in 704 KAR 3:035 Section (2) as "those experiences which systematically over a sustained period of time, enable educators to acquire and apply knowledge, understanding, skills, and abilities to achieve personal, professional, and organizational goals and to facilitate the learning of students."       
KRS 158.070 requires four (4) days of the minimum school term to be used for PD activities for the building level professional staff.

District Improvement Plan:
The process of Improvement Planning in Kentucky is used as the means of determining how schools and districts will plan to ensure that students reach proficiency and beyond by 2014.  The process focuses school and district improvement efforts on student needs by bringing together all stakeholders to plan for improvement, by focusing planning efforts on priority needs and closing achievement gaps between subgroups of students, by building upon school and district capacity for high quality planning, and by making connections between the funds that flow into the district and the priority needs in schools. Please click here to view our Comprehensive District Improvement Plan.