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Digital Citizenship

What is your digital footprint?  Do you know how to protect yourself, your identity and your reputation online?  Are you connected to the global community and do you positively contribute online?  Do you respect the rights of others when using digital media?  Are you a good digital citizen?

While every teacher should be reinforcing expectations for appropriate online communications and providing opportunities for students to practice this behavior, specific persons at each level are identified as the persons responsible for providing the formal instruction and documenting this instruction.

  • LMS/Counselors at the elementary level
  • ELA teachers at the MS and HS levels. MS and HS may decide to include other personnel, such as LMS/CTE, as long as lessons are documented.

The district recommends using Common Sense Media’s curriculum ( Log in with your Google account to get access to all the free resources. 

The recommended lessons are organized by grade level at the right. The curriculum does not have to be followed lesson for lesson, as long as similar resources are used to teach the appropriate concepts.

Additional Resources:

Digital Citizenship Implementation Plan




Media Balance Is Important
Pause for People
Safety in My Online Neighborhood

Pause & Think Online
How Technology Makes You Feel
Internet Traffic Light

We the Digital Citizens
Device-Free Moments
That's Private!
Digital Trails
Who Is In Your Online Community?
Putting a STOP to Online Meanness
Let's Give Credit!

Your Rings of Responsibility
Password Power-Up
This Is Me
Our Digital Citizenship Pledge
The Power of Words
Is Seeing Believing?

My Media Choices
Private and Personal Information
Our Online Tracks
Keeping Games Fun and Friendly
Be A Super Digital Citizen
A Creator's Rights and Responsibilities

Finding My Media Balance
You Won't Believe This!You Won't Believe This!
Beyond Gender Stereotypes
Digital Friendships
Is It Cyberbullying?
Reading News Online

Finding Balance in a Digital World
Don't Feed the Phish
Who Are You Online?
Chatting Safely Online
Digital Drama Unplugged
Finding Credible News

My Media Use: A Personal Challenge
Big, Big Data
The Power of Digital Footprints
My Social Media Life
Upstanders and Allies: Taking Action Against Cyberbullying
The Four Factors of Fair Use

Digital Media and Your Brain
Being Aware of What You Share
Social Media and Digital Footprints: Our Responsibilities
Sexting and Relationships
Responding to Online Hate Speech
This Just In!

My Digital Life Is Like ...
The Big Data Dilemma
Protecting Online Reputations
Chatting and Red Flags
What You Send In "That Moment When ... "
Hoaxes and Fakes

Social Media and How You Feel
Risk Check for New Tech
Curated Lives
Rewarding Relationships
Countering Hate Speech Online
Challenging Confirmation Bias

Can Media Be Addictive?
How Young Is Too Young for Social Media?
Who's Looking at Your Digital Footprint?
Connecting with Digital Audiences
Online Disinhibition and Cyberbullying
Clicks for Cash

The Health Effects of Screen Time
Debating the Privacy Line
The Change You Want to See
We Are Civil Communicators
Should Online Hate Speech Be Censored?
Filter Bubble Trouble