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Special Education/504

Mailing Address
Henry County Public Schools
Special Education Dept.
326 South Main Street
New Castle, KY 40050
Physical Location
Henry County Public Schools
326 South Main Street
New Castle, KY 40050


Molly Greer, Director of Special Education 
Brad Wooten, School Psychologist                     

Fran Nolin, ARC Chairperson
Carrie Beutel, Administrative Assistant

The Henry County Special Education Department has a central staff comprised of our Director of Special Education, one Educational Diagnostician, one Administrative Assistant, three speech-language therapists, one occupational therapist and one physical therapist. Also included as part of our staff are 20 special education teachers, 1 hearing impaired teacher, 1 visually impaired teacher, and 11 special education assistants.

Director of Special Education

The Director of Special Education is an administrative position that oversees the special education programs of the district. This encompasses many areas: comply with federal and state regulations under IDEA; develop budgets and approve spending; evaluate existing programs and a make recommendations for necessary changes; evaluate and make recommendations for personnel serving in the special education area; communicate with other service programs and agencies; prepare state and federal reports; prepare grant applications; supervise the child find program; and provide professional development for all stakeholders.

School Psychologist

School Psychologists have specialized training in both counseling and education. They use their training and skills to team with educators, parents, and other mental health professionals to ensure that every child learns in a safe, healthy and supportive environment. School Psychologist understand school systems, effective teaching, and successful learning. The primary duties of a School Psychologist  include consultation, assessment, and intervention.

The Related Service Personnel ( OT, PT, SLP, etc)

Occupational Therapist

School based occupational therapists help to enhance a student's ability to fully access and be successful in the learning environment. This might include working on handwriting or fine motor skills so the child can complete written assignments, helping the child organize himself or herself in the environment ( including work space in and around the desk), working with the teachers to modify the classroom and/or adapt learning materials to facilitate successful participation.

Physical Therapist

School- based physical therapists work with children to develop motor skills, which provide a base for functional mobility. Mobility is a student's ability to navigate about the school and other educational environments in a safe, efficient manner. Physical therapists can help students to further develop their available motor skills or to compensate for poor skills. Physical therapy targets balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, posture, seating, walking, transfers, and positioning.